SCArA -Tec

SCArA-Tec was founded by a very experienced team of engineers with many years of experience in the field of electrical installation and industrial automation.

We have successfully carried out projects all over the world. As experts in our field of work, we understand the importance of knowledge. That is why we decided to share our knowledge with younger generations and create an education centre, which is currently in the development phase.

Life today is full of changes, both positive and negative. Because we follow the changes and are aware of their consequences, we specialized in the design, manufacturing, and installation of mobile shelters for private use.

Due to the increasing frequency of natural disasters and consequences of political decisions that affect all of us, we understand that in the future, ensuring personal safety will be a priority for everyone.

We are ready, are you?

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Why are we the right choice?


The quality of work

Is a pillar of our company's operation. We are aware that the accurate and high-quality implementation of the service is crucial for the further operation and satisfaction of our customers.



Constructive work

Communication with clients is extremely important to us. The flexibility of the team, the work process in the projects, are the key factors why we are a team that stands out and meets the wishes and needs of our clients.



We understand the needs and adaptation to the economy, market and business partners, so we are a company that quickly adapts to the needs and wishes of the client.

Are you ready to participate?